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config.yaml primary config

Open Sitez is designed to handle out of the box multiple sites.

To Make easy to configure, sites are defined 2 places

  • the primary config.yaml located in [opensitez folder]/local/config.yaml . There is one primary requirement, folder directive directs to the folder specific to that site in local/sites
  • individual definition.osz , one per file which contains routes, blocks and options

Example config.yaml

        folder: opensitez
                folder: opensitez
                definition: dev.osz
        folder: example2

In this example config.yaml:

  • is located in the folder local/sites/opensitez . Because no definition is specified, it will look by default for local/sites/opensitez/private/definition.osz
  • is an alias of opensitez and serves exactly the same content, parking as many domains as you want on the main page
  • is defined in the same folder as the primary opensitez website but uses a different definition
  • is served out of folder example2, located in local/sites/example2 using local/sites/example2/private/definition.osz

For more details on the definition.osz file format, see here .